Areas of Expertise

Engineering, Medicine, Business - these are just a few of the more typical areas of expertise for which we have consultants. We regularly add new experts with unique specialties, training, and backgrounds. ASA can locate specialists in unusual or obscure fields.


We have maintained an intense focus on gathering first rate chemical, metallurgical, mechanical, civil, and electrical engineers. Many of these experts are professors from universities such as UCLA, USC, and Caltech. Others have worked for large companies such as Boeing and Honeywell, or have been involved with government agencies such as NASA.

Medical Sciences

ASA has hundreds of medical experts at our disposal, including medical doctors, surgeons, dental experts, and medical services experts. They have assisted our clients by conducting Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs), consulting on alleged malpractice, commenting on standard-of-care issues, reviewing medical records, and much more.

Failure Analysis/Accident Reconstruction

Some of our most frequently utilized experts assist clients with accident reconstruction and failure analysis. These experts come from academic disciplines such as mechanical engineering and are experienced with complex design and safety issues. From automobile accidents to complex material failures, we have the means to get you in touch with the right expert.

Physical Sciences

Many of our physical science experts are university professors from disciplines such as inorganic and physical chemistry, physics, seismology, geology, and meteorology, to name a few. Our clients have used many of these ASA experts in conjunction with our experts from other disciplines such as engineering and construction to form more complete conclusions to their investigations.


ASA counts general contractors, architects, structural engineers, and many others among our construction experts. Most are professionals, private consultants or professors who are often referred to law firms engaged in construction defect litigation or to insurance companies attempting to remediate construction problems alleged in homeowners' claims.

Biological and Life Sciences

Our experts in this field have backgrounds in psychology, pharmacology, toxicology, biochemistry, zoology and much more. All of our experts in this area have credentials from their respective professional boards. We have some of the best doctors, therapists and researchers at our disposal.


This area of expertise covers not only business, but also economics, insurance, real estate and law. From obtaining an expert economist to calculate the loss of earnings to hiring one of our securities experts to assist in shareholder lawsuits over the value of stock options, ASA has all the business professionals you’ll ever need to help in your litigation.

Social Sciences and Law Enforcement

These experts specialize in criminology, police procedures, forensic documents, and drugs/alcohol, to name a few.

The Arts

Since ASA is based in the entertainment capital of the world, you can rest assured that we work with some of the best film, television and theater experts. In addition to entertainment industry, we can connect you with art and antique appraisers, gemologists and photography experts.