How ASA Works

Our mission is to connect our clients with appropriate experts of the highest caliber. When you call ASA to get a referral, your specific needs dictate which expert we refer. We believe our familiarity with these experts, and our understanding of how their expertise applies to litigation, distinguishes ASA’s expert referrals.

Get a Referral

Obtaining one of our top-notch experts is just a phone call away. To get started, call Lisa Roberts at ASA at (818) 784-1800. Typically within 48 hours, you will be connected with an expert that best fits your needs. We can also provide you with several types of experts should you need it.

Technical Resources

ASA not only collects a wealth of information about our experts, but also detailed information regarding the cases they have worked on and the issues they have dealt with. Over the years we have developed proprietary data-mining techniques that we utilize to conduct extensive research on experts, universities, areas of expertise, business trends, and litigation. Our database resources also enhance our ability to serve our clients throughout the process of an ongoing case.

ASA and Academia

ASA’s success with connecting clients with the right experts is the result of the relationships we have developed with prestigious universities nationwide. Our academic connections provide unique advantages to our clients. University professors bring cutting edge knowledge of their specialty, superior communication skills, and an independent unbiased view of the case issues.

Additionally, professors much like experienced trial attorneys are skilled at distilling complex subject matter into an understandable form and communicating clearly. Not all of our experts have a university background, but our orientation toward the academic world has long provided clear-cut advantages to our valued clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do ASA experts pay to become affiliated with ASA?

No. ASA is not an expert listing service. We carefully select the experts with whom we become affiliated and these experts do not pay a fee to be considered on our cases.

What is ASA's involvement in the particulars of my case?

None. ASA takes no position on the merits of your case.

Furthermore, if you retain an ASA expert, you deal directly with that expert. ASA's involvement is limited to administrative and billing issues.


A referral to an ASA expert is free.

What does this mean? It means that when you call ASA for an expert referral, you will receive the following at no charge:

  • The expert's current curriculum vitae
  • The fee schedule of the expert
    (Note: Each expert's hourly rates vary between fifty to hundreds of dollars per hour, depending upon experience and qualifications. However, in every referral you will always receive clear details on hourly rates, including rates for testimony.)
  • A brief preliminary consultation with the expert
    (Note: This initial consultation is typically limited to a telephone conversation regarding the expert's qualifications, though in some instances the expert may be willing to meet with you and/or discuss your case in detail at his or her discretion.)

If you retain the services of our expert, ASA will act as billing representative (and, when needed, as administrative liaison) while the case progresses.

Our administrative fee (US $195.00) applies only if you retain the services of our expert or designate him or her as an expert witness. This is a one-time fee for each expert we refer and you retain.

In addition, this administrative fee, once paid, also applies to any future case on which the expert agrees to consult for your firm. No additional administrative fee will be charged as long as you call ASA to set up the new file.

Feel free to contact ASA at 818-784-1800 if you have other questions regarding fees and hourly rates.